Pa Ter Li Ke
Patrick. (:


After seeing a very touching video on youtube, I’ve come to realize that yes, life is short but the memories you can make in your entire life is the difference between your life and another person’s. 10 years, 20 years or even 30 years down the road, the memories made will never be forgotten because they will definitely mean something to you. No matter how popular you are, how rich you are or how clever you are, one day, you will still have to leave this world and when that happens, you will gradually be forgotten. But it is the impact that you have made in this world that will make people remember you. Actually, the video I stumbled upon was a fanmade video about snsd. The thought of how much effort they have put in before they attained sky high popularity really touches me. Just by thinking how long they have trained before their debut, it really amazes me and I doubt I would have so much perseverance to carry on if I were them. Imagine training 7 years, 7 years of hardship, time spent with your family and friends will be much lesser as compared to others and there wouldn’t be much childhood memories. The most cruel thing is that they will never know whether they will get the chance to debut and that is when all the doubts come in but they endured through the storm. Therefore, they definitely deserve all these popularity and where they are right now and 20 years down the road, I hope they will still be the best-est of friends like they are now. I will never forget them simply because they have put in too much effort for me to forget about them. They will be my light in the dark whenever I face troubles because at least I know, if these 9 simple, innocent and young girls can do it, I definitely can.

One can be contented with his life and work hard in everything or can hate his life because life is just unfair. One thing that i can guarantee is life is never smooth sailing and without hardships and pain, no human will ever learn from their mistakes.

Haha, it seems that I’m writing some serious post or something but no because this even applies to me. Most of the time i neglect the people around me just simply because i get to see them all the time. I mean it’s not that I want this to happen, it’s just human nature. Sometimes when I have been rude to someone, I’ll think back and regret on what I’ve said. As much as I don’t want people to hurt me, I shouldn’t be hurting others too. That’s something that I always constantly remind myself but sometimes i can’t stop myself from saying hurtful things.

Hard work pays off. Some believe in this phrase wholeheartedly while some just simply think that it’s wrong and it will never happen. At least for me, I believe in that. Up till now, I’ve never failed to get the things that I’ve targeted when i work hard. Everyone has their own dreams and I’ve mine in my mind but whether it can come true, it is another situation altogether but as long as you work hard, believe in yourself and never give up, dreams will come true. People have been there and done that so it is not impossible.


Exams just ended 2 weeks ago. The weeks before it ended were dreadful. The long wait and constant pressure to study and do well were miserable. I was really worried during that period of time as I didn’t know whether i could actually remember everything that I’ve studied. Nonetheless, it went pretty well i must say. Let’s just hope my results will be as close to my target as possible. Anyway, today is the last day of my very short holiday and tomorrow will be the first day of my attachment. I’m not really excited due to the fact that I’ve to wake up early everyday and of course the place where the company is located is really wrong. At least I’m staying at hougang, those staying at jurong or the other side of Singapore are much more worst than me, so i shouldn’t be complaining.

Recently, I’ve just finished reading a book about a person having multiple personalties without her even knowing that. This means that she can change into a totally different person without her knowing anything. There’s nothing fun about this because her alters went around killing people without her knowing about it. I’m just amazed that this world has many many weird people. I went to surf the internet the other day and found out that there is such an infection that would cause a human to be like a tree. It’s like they would have tree barks on their skins and all over their bodies and just the look of it was disgusting, seriously. But it was really unfortunate of them to get such a disease.

I didn’t know why I would want to blog again after such a long time, I just had an urge to blog. It’s like I have something to tell but I have no one to talk to. I’m not trying to say that I do not have any friends to talk to but how should i put it? Talking to guys is weird. It’s tough to explain what I feel. I think I’ve created an image of myself as a person joking around all the time and not being serious and nowadays people tend to think that I’m always lying. I think i lie too much. HAHAHA. Just to apologize to anyone if I’ve said something rude to them. My mouth tends to move faster than my brain and sometimes apologizing is hard, so I’ll take this chance to apologize to anyone that I’ve been insolent to. I doubt anyone would see this because no one knows that I’m blogging again. I think I need to change to avoid people thinking that I’m a person who just jokes around.

Like before, I’m still studying Korean but maybe not that much nowadays because i do not have much time to even watch the variety shows that I intend to watch. My Korean has improved quite abit i must say but it’s still far from my target. My aim is to be able to speak in Korean and watch Korean variety shows without the aid of any subs. Sounds easy by just saying it but you need to put a hell lot of effort in order to accomplish this. I’m very into languages recently and I intend to learn Japanese really soon. However, there are alot of restraints like time. I have my attachment now, it’ll be hard to even find time to learn Korean. Let’s see how it goes, I think I should finish up Korean first before even attempting any language. I’m afraid I might get confused and mix up all the languages. I’ve also just started my driving lessons, so finding time to learn Korean will not be easy but I do not want to make learning Korean a chore. My interest will die off if I force myself so it’ll be better if I study when I’ve the mood to do so. And seohyun really impresses me, she has such a hectic schedule and she still manages to learn languages such as English and Japanese so quickly. She is really an innocent and honest girl. There’s much to learn from her.

I’ll end of here. Let’s hope my attachment will go smoothly.



Been thinking alot recently. I’m rather afraid of the commitments that I’ve to handle.

I’m end of with this sentence.

Lack of time and sleep .


Hello everyone. (:

It’s been long since i last blogged. Haha, seriously speaking, i was lazy but there was really alot of things to do during the school term. Now that it’s over, i got time to blog. This sem’s exams were pretty alright. I knew how to do first 3 papers, but for the last one, which was calculus, i didn’t really know how to do much. I just hope i passed it. I hope i can do well for the rest of the papers, so that it’ll pull my gpa up. I’ll be getting back my results in 2 weeks time, hope it wouldn’t be that bad. Oh well, let’s not think about it. The next sem will be a killer, but i hope i can pull through it.

Anyway, i haven’t found a job yet. Hope i can find one soon so i wouldn’t feel bored. I’ve been into Korean songs recently. I’ve been listening to girl`s generation and super junior songs. I don’t know why i like them, but i just think that their songs are nice. I realised that there are many bands in Korea which are nice also. 2pm, ss501, wondergirls and TBSQ are some of them. However, i don’t really listen to their songs, only listen to those by super junior and snsd. I’m also watching alot of Korean variety shows. Hahaha, some of them are really funny. I think Korean variety shows can more or less like Taiwanese variety shows. Both of them are equally funny. I also realised alot of people listen to Koreans songs, mostly from snsd, TBSQ, 2Ne1 and 2pm. So, it’s not just only me. Hahaha.

I had a soccer match on sunday with weijie’s friend. We lost 5-4, but i believed we played pretty well, just that lady luck wasn’t on our side. It was fun though it rained throughout the match. Went to tkd chalet with bert, jiayi and rongli at night. Only ate some stuffs for the bbq and we went to watch a movie after that. We watched year one. The show was alright, funny at some parts but not very nice. Went back to the chalet and slept. It was the first time i slept in a chalet that early. hahaha.

Went back to North Vista in the afternoon. Only met Mr lee, didn’t really see the other teachers. The school didn’t really change much just that there’s a  new indoor sports hall. We watched bandslam after that. The movie was rather boring, i almost fell asleep. I think it’s because i’ve not been sleeping enough recently. The latter part of the show was much better though.

I think i’m gonna go see some videos now. hahaha. goodnights. (:


Hello everyone. (:

Holidays are coming to an end. i didn’t do much this holidays except facing my computer screen all day long, playing soccer and going out. Well, that’s what holidays are for right? Though i had my share of fun,  the results of my common tests that i’m going to face this coming monday, is seriously worrying me. I know there’s no point complaining, but i find that hard work doesn’t necessarily pays off. You can work so hard and still get average results. Maybe there’s something wrong with my method of studying, but i’ve tried my best. No matter what the results are, i’m gonna face it with a smile. (: Get over it if i didn’t do that well, raise my targets higher if i manage to get the results that i want.

Alot of things have been running through my mind after i heard what my father said just now. It’s nothing harmful or something that hurts me alot, it just reminds me about what i said earlier, hard work doesn’t necessarily pay off. I know it’s kinda silly of me, but i’m just gonna put in my best in everything i do, at least i wouldn’t feel guilty.

Anyway, when i think about tomorrow is the last day of my holidays, i just feel sad. I personally feel that i’m not yet prepared to face the never ending projects that is thrown onto me, the fatique that is going to get into me when school starts, the draining lessons i’ve to attend every single day, and of course, the daunting results of my common tests. I’m sure no one likes all these, but everyone in this world has to face it, that is reality. So why not look at the positive side of things, and just face it with courage. I’m trying very hard though, but i’m sure i can make it. (:

I wish holidays will not end so quickly, but i know that’s impossible. On a random note, i think i’ve alot to improve, especially on my attitude.


wow. time really flies. i think i haven’t blogged for quite some time already. hahaha. anyway, i’ve been rushing through my studies these few days. FINALLY, i can stop myself from using my laptop. facebook is really very very distracting. i can’t even remember anything with facebook on. hahaha, but luckily, i managed to control myself. (:

just finished my airworthiness legislation test today. it was easier den i expected because this module is about the laws of the aircraft, what certificates must you bring before flying an aircraft, the 96 articles of the chicago convention, the 18 annexes and so on and so forth. all those chim chim stuffs that you have to know about the aircraft. this module almost killed me. it made me so tired today cos i didn’t have enough sleep the past few nights. hahaha, but i’m glad that it’s over. (:

common test is next week and i must say, i’m not prepared at all. i’ve not been revising my work until recently. i hope it isn’t too late for everything. hahaha, but think of the positive side, one more week to holidays (: i’m so gonna work hard for this coming common test. after that i’m gonna play until i don’t know how to play. LOL.

i realised that year 2 is so much more taxing than year 1. i just finished about 3 projects and i still have 4 more to go. 4 projects in 6 weeks. that’s abit interesting. hahaha, but i hope i still can cope with everything. for once, i believed that poly wasn’t much easier than that of jc. jc is stressed for long periods, while poly is stressed for short periods i guess? haha, but nonetheless, whatever tertiary institution you choose to go to, you can’t escape from stress.

i hope tmr wouldn’t come so soon. i wanna sleeeeeeep and i don’t wanna study the dreaded ASAS. i’ve learnt fundemantals of aerospace technology in year 1. now, i’m learning more about aircrafts which is super alot. so much more than FAT i think. oh nvm, thinking of that module makes me sian. there are still other modules like calculus and engineering design that i worry about too. but not as much as ASAS because at least i’ve studied abit for both of them. but i haven’t started studying for ASAS yet. hope i wouldn’t get distracted by facebook while i’m reading through the powerpoint slides tomorrow.

i shall play use my laptop awhile more before i go to sleep. hahaha, but my eye lids are dropping.
goodnight everyone. (:

hello everyone.

my friends went to dota,  and i don’t have a mouse. so i decided to blog. i found this song very touching and meaningful. i’ve other similar songs but i think this one is a better one. the song is all or nothing by o town.

I know when he’s been on your mind
That distant look is in your eye
I thought with time you’d realize
It’s over over
It’s not the way I choose to live
And something somewhere’s got to give
As sharing this relationship gets older older
You know I’d fight for you
But how I can fight someone who isn’t even there
I’ve had the rest of you now I want the best of you
I dont care if that’s not fair

Cause I want it all
Or nothing at all
There’s no where left to fall
When you reach the bottom it’s now or never
Is it all
Or are we just friends
Is this how it ends
With a simple telephone call
You leave me here with nothing at all

There are times it seems to me
I’m sharing you with memories
I feel it in my heart
But I dont show it show it
And then there’s times you look at me
As though I’m all that you can see
Those times I don’t believe it’s right
I know know it

Don’t me make me promises
Baby you never did know how to keep them well
I’ve had the rest of you
Now I want the best of you
It’s time for show and tell


Cause you and I
Could lose it all if you’ve got no more room
No room inside for me in your life
Cause I want it all
Or nothing at all
There’s no where left to fall
It’s now or never

that’s all for this post.

i no longer know how you feel.



school has started for 2 weeks already. and i must say, i didn’t really learn much. although for some modules i managed to understand and finished the tutorials, but for some especially calculus, i really know nothing. i think i should really start studying, if not, my grades will drop, again. nonetheless, school was still alright. (: and i got a new cca! it’s taekwondo. hahaha, my friends wanted to join, so i joined with them too. it’s pretty fun. furthermore, i can train up your physical condition. =)

went to watch x-men origins on saturday. with those gay friends of course. hahaha. (: dined at mad jack which wasn’t really full. we went to eat tau huay ( i think it’s spelt like this ) after that. haha, it was nice! went for the movie after that. the movie was nice, the action and everything. everyone should watch it. hahaha.

i was sick yesterday. so i didn’t go to school. hope i didn’t miss out much. i managed to finish the online quiz that was supposed to be done in class. the bad thing was the new ez-link card was given out. hope that teacher still remembers me and give me my card. hahaha, anyway, i’m feeling alot better now after taking the medicine. that’s about all. had some fun at orchard today doing some crazy stuffs. hahaha. (:


Hello! :D

school just started today. haha, i’m in year 2 now. okay. i promised myself that i would get at least a gpa of 3.5 for this sem. i hope i wouldn’t break my promise half-way. haha, anyway, to sum up my holidays, besides enjoying life, there’s nothing else i’ve done in these holidays. i didn’t work because i didn’t manage to find a job. hahaha, but i think that’s an excuse. i must work during the next long holidays! if not i wouldn’t have enough money to spend and using my parents’ money constantly makes me feel guilty.

alright, back to school. school was as per normal. went to class and talked with my classmates. i’m not very close to the whole class, and i don’t really talk also. i’m not good at talking, that’s why. hahah, only talked to those whom i am close with. said hi and bye only to those whom i’m not very close with. but it’s still fun to have friends like them. (: i don’t know why, but i still prefer my secondary school friends. maybe because we spent more time together.

oh yea, talking about the last week of holidays. i spent almost the whole week out, except for wednesday, saturday and sunday. hahah, so monday. we went to sengmeng’s house to watch handsome suit on pps. seriously, it was a gay show, but it was funny during some parts of the movie. made me laugh non-stop. and so on tuesday. went to far east to look at crumplers cos chengshen wanted to buy but the ones he liked were out of stock. a wasted trip for him. after that, we went to watch the movie knowing. i must say it was a pretty nice show. so thursday. went to swim at jurong. when we reached there, we found out that the swimming complex was closed for renovation. hahaha, so after some discussion, we decided to go to the swimming complex at chua chu kang. i wasn’t as fun as jurong’s but it was alright. :) the slide was fun though. after that went to eat carls jr at ps. and lastly friday. went to chomp chomp for dinner before going to nyjc for sushan’s play. hahaha, the play was not bad. it made me laugh. well done to those people! =)

sorry again for the wordy post. lazy to post pictures. hahaha. thats all. enjoy school all poly students!


HELLO everyone! :D

hahaha, have been going out this whole week. went to a few places this week.


lunched at hougang mall. i’ve forgotten what i ate for lunch that day. hahaha, but after lunch, we didn’t know where to go. they wanted to play pool but i find pool very boring. and sooo, we decied to go out for a movie. hahaha, went to cathay to watch gran torino. the movie was not bad but it was kinda draggy. hahah, after that, had dinner at a kopitiam opposite of punggol park. thats all for MONDAY. (:


went prawn fishing at pasir ris. i think the place is called rainbow. that’s what haozhi told me. hahaha, haozhi = gay. tell you what, he’s the gayest person i’ve known so far, but still, i’ve alot of gay friends. hahaha, i didn’t really touch the rod, because there were only 2 rods. i was playing with the dogs and walking around looking at the fishes. hahaha, it’s been long since i touched a dog, and i find them fun to play with. hahaha, we stayed there for around 3 hours but we didn’t catch alot of prawns. but, there was a place for us to barbeque the prawns over at that place. so haozhi knowing that there was a barbeque pit, brought along some charcoal and butter. and we barbequed there. (: i didn’t eat nor help barbeque the prawns. was chatting with edmund and seah at the swing. ( i don’t know what they call it. ) hahaha, after barbeque-ing, went to rp’s kfc for dinner. i’ve been eating fast food almost everyday. i think i’m gonna die soon, really. okay. now for some pictures! :D i didn’t take alot though.


okay, went to sm’s new hosue for these 2 days. hahaha, his house is not bad. watched movies and played bridge. that’s about all that we did, lazy to elobarte. hahaha. (:


went to watch a movie at cathay. watched shinjuku incident. i must say it was a rather nice show, at least better than some other movies i’ve watched during march. oh yea, we ate at astons. it was my first time eating at astons, the food was nice, filling and most importantly, CHEAP! hahaha, saw alot of nv people that day. saw patrick and his friends and jacob they all too. hahaha. (: went home after that. life’s been like that for almost the whole holiday. =(


which is today, went to play soccer at a field near janice and peiyi’s house. hahaha, didn’t play very well though, play half way and my leg cramped. great, i couldn’t even continue the match. haha, we lost but it wasn’t saints’ match. we were playing for another team for fun. (: went to eat at macs near monfort, went home after that.

well, that sums up my week. not much excitement but it was fun. (: hahaha, at least i don’t lead a boring life. that’s about all for this post. ENJOY YOUR WEEKENDS EVERYONE! =)

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